Fermentation Fest • Lecture / Workshop

Food From the Radical Center,  Joining Hands & Hyphae to Bring Back America’s Food Producing Capacity
Fermentation Fest, Wormfarm Institute
Reedsburg, WI

Food from the Radical Center, Lecture
Mesquite and Fermented Beverages Workshop

Sat. Oct. 6, 5–6 p.m.

Author, seed saver, agroecologist & father of the local food movement, Gary Nabhan will talk about the largest grassroots initiative in history that is aimed at bringing back the seeds, breeds, native game & fish, & the beneficial microbes that underpin our land’s food-producing capacity. He will talk about rebuilding microbial diversity in our soil and in our guts, & collaboration with lives other than our own.  Book signing to follow.

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