Corona de Cristo in the Era of Corona Virus

forty days of fearing
the worst could be happening
worlds falling apart
hospitals filling their beds
loved ones barely breathing

towns running out of most things
they’re needing to curb the suffering—
you know—hoping, hugging, healing–

I am worrying as I hike alone
up a running rivulet Holy Saturday
grieving that worshiping together
is being altogether abandoned

while trying to climb up out of this muddy stream
I see a glowing on the creek bank above me
a wildflower, one I’m remembering
might ...

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Gary Nabhan Listens as Two Fruits Testify at the Impeachment Hearings

Adam Schiff: Today we will hear from two fruit trees who happened to be in the Ukraine at the time of the back channel visits there by Rudy Guliani. Before we begin with some substance, do you have any fluff to add to todays presentations, Mr. Nuñes?

Devin Nuñes: Oh, here we go with Adam Schiff ’s Storytime of events that did not happen. There is no Ukraine. In fact, there is no Russia. There is no back channel. I have ...

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People came together to grieve the construction of an unneeded border wall.

At Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument today, 320 people of different nations, races, cultures and faiths peacefully came together to grieve the new construction of an unneeded border wall. Its construction activities are already cutting off access to water for the survival of people and wildlife, are violating native and other place-based spiritual practices, and are destroying ancient cactus and ironwood forests.

At Qutobaquito springs along the border–once the most biodiverse oasis in the entire Sonoran Desert– the cumulative destruction of ...

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Gary Nabhan requests career counseling from a pomegranate tree

Pomegranate: Next! How can I help you today?

Gary: Well, I feel kinda out of balance with my work these days.

Pomegranate: Have you requested an appointment with your corporations Human Resources Division?

Gary: That’s just the trouble. I feel that my personal human resources have become too divided. You see, I love science and I love poetry, but they don’t always go together in the workplace. Or to put a finer point on it, they almost never go together…

Pomegranate: That’s why you ...

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An Ironwood Tree and a Saguaro Ask Gary for Help in Conflict Resolution

Gary: Okay, okay, I know you are both sensitive about what has happened between you, but let us see if we can find common ground….

Ironwood: Common ground? I have offered to share my ground with this little upstart not long after his germination. I served as his nurse for over thirty years, protecting him from heat, drought, sunburn, freezes and furry creatures. And what do I get in return? He throws his roots out right over mine and sucks up ...

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Gary Nabhan asks for spiritual guidance from an arborescent cactus

Gary: Greetings, master.

Prickly Pear: Greetings. Bless you, my child.

Gary:  I am here to ask you to tell me the secrets that have made you so upstanding, so unflappable.

Prickly Pear: Well, I‘m not so sure have always been UP standing. When I was younger, my prickly pads sort of zigzagged their way above the desert floor. And have you noticed how much they look like pancakes/ I would say that they are unflappable, Jack.

Gary: My name is Gary, not Jack.

Prickly Pear: ...

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Gary Nabhan asks for directions from a rivulet rushing downhill toward a larger stream

Gary: Excuse me, I’m lost, can you tell me which way…?

Rivulet: I can’t hear you, the water is roaring so loud, can you just…

Gary: Wait, don’t run away, I just need a little help…

Rivulet: Well, then just don’t stand there, jump in!

Gary: But what if it won’t take me to where I’m trying to reach?

Rivulet: Reach? Don’t just stand there! See, you’re going nowhere right now…

Gary: But I’m lost!

Rivulet: That’s because you’re not moving toward anything.

Gary: But what the way ...

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Gary Paul Nabhan, recently interviewed by a clod of dirt

Dirt: So you occasionally write about us?

Gary: Well yes, on occasion. Why?

Dirt: What do you think entitles you to pry into our lives?

Gary: I’m not prying, exactly…I’m sort of crumbling you between my hands.

Dirt: While you are writing, you crumble us between your hands. Gads!

Gary: Only metaphorically so… teasing you apart, then rolling you back into a ball, so to speak.

Dirt: I just hate to be teased.  What gives you the license to write about us?

Gary: Well, I sort of ...

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Border Wall Construction: Imperiling Sacred Sites, Churches and Religious Freedom

Most of us have heard the devastating reports of how the new construction of a thirty-foot wall and floodlights along our southern border has begun to impact water flows, wildlife and archaeological resources long-protected by federal laws. The federal protection of endangered species, critical habitat and cultural antiquities has been waived along a three-hundred foot swath along the U.S./Mexico border. Eminent domain under the auspices of homeland security has allowed U.S. Customs and Border Patrol and Army Corps of Engineers ...

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in the darkest of times where I go

in the darkest of times where I go
is to a place somehow hidden
in the midst of pain
a place where microbursts of light

breaks through to reach us

a crack of light like the very one
you may have seen on stormy days
right at dusk when darkness
tried enveloping entire skies

but failed

fails because the sun sent out a call
a grace note so bright
it cut across the horizon
right into our hearts

and sangs to us

“do not give in
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Earth Day as a Sacred Rite

What if getting our relationship right with the Earth and all its creatures is not just some scenic backdrop to a circus sideshow or diorama in a natural history museum? What if it is as crucial to our lives as getting our relations right with our Creator, our family and our neighbors before we die?

What if all of Creation is the most palpable expression of our Creator’s generosity, sense of wonder, and commitment to diversity? What happens when we begin ...

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In my dreams and nightmares, I keep coming back to those eight intense days in five states along the border.

In my dreams and nightmares, I keep coming back to those eight intense days in five states along the border — after nearly a half century of crisscrossing it — and it still feels like a changling, a chimera to me.

Is it a hard surface of discontinuity, with a sharp division of opportunities on either side of its sheet metal walls, its Normandy barriers, its anti-ram concrete blockades, its bollards and barbed wire fences? Or is the sharpness I feel ...

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We have met migrants and refugees from many Central American and Mexican landscapes who just want to be safe.

As the day approaches when a federal judge learns whether federal agencies have been able to reunite all detained families that have been separated, we hear in Las Cruces at dawn that these agencies appear to have fallen far short of their mandate. There is chaos and disappointment in the air as we talk to people from all walks of life, of different ethnicities and faiths. We have been on a listening tour on both sides of the borderlands. We ...

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Deeply Inspired by the Remarkable Food Justice and Social Commentaries from the staff at La Semilla Food Center.

How do we rekindle our hope during the darkest of times? With regard to the current crisis at our border, many of us have felt anxiety, distress, frustration and horror over the way many people have been repeatedly been treated during their efforts to gain political asylum, seek sanctuary and secure dignified livelihoods in the U.S.

Well, in Anthony, Texas today, I was deeply inspired by both the remarkable food justice work being done and the social commentaries we heard from ...

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Parts of the story of the border are hidden to most Americans.

Kristy: I am feeling that parts of the story of the border are hidden to most Americans, as if these sagas have been made “invisible” even to those of us who come to the borderlands attempting to understand it.

Gary: I think you are right about that Kristy. That’s why I am so glad that you met Enrique Madrid in Redford Texas today. A giant of a man, with his long, gray-haired ponytail and his huge heart, he is an independent ...

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We must all take an oath, to do no harm to others.

Our conversations and experiences the past few days have shown us the real harm that walls do to people and their communities. From concrete and steel to closed ports of entry, walls disrupt. They dehumanize. The lovely Boquillas del Carmen was almost destroyed when its port of entry was closed in 2002, and is making a comeback since its 2013 reopening. Borders/walls dehumanize people like Sandro, a U.S. citizen who has experienced verbal and physical at the hands of Border ...

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Border Dialogue: Monarch Butterflies, Other Migrants & the Passing of Lincoln Brower

Gary: We are being hosted by Bonnie McKinney, Wildlife Coordinator of the El Carmen Land and Conservation Co. LLC, and her partner Bill Pat not far from La Linda Coahuila, just east of Big Bend National Park. Bonnie reminds us that this private conservation reserve is the connecting link in an ecological corridor which joins the Sky Islands of the northern Chihuahuan Desert with the Sierra Madre of northern Mexico. But Bonnie also reminds us that this migratory corridor has ...

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All have stressed the need to heal the divide that is expanding between us.

Cousin Gary Nabhan and I are having an enriching, educational, and all-around incredible time here on the U.S.-Mexico border. In the past 5 days we have met with women, men, and children From Nogales to Terlingua, Texas. Aid workers, refugees, small business owners, U.S. Park Rangers, and land conservationists. White ethnics, Mexicanos, and indigenous women and men alike. All have stressed the need to heal the divide that is expanding between us. That everyone wins when we invest in and ...

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‘Put ourselves in others’ shoes, and to go beyond the sound bites.’

Gary: Where else are we seeing signs of hope along the U.S.-Mexico border?

Kristy: In the person of Marcos Paredes, a lifelong borderlander of Yaqui and Mexican descent, who worked for the U.S. Park Service and Far-Flung Adventures, Inc. for over 30 years. Today, he is President of Rio Aviation, Inc. run out of Terlingua, Texas and helps facilitate many cross-border exchanges. He is committed to maintaining mutually beneficial relationships for Americans and Mexicans on both sides of the border.

Gary: Yes, ...

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It seems that we’re beginning to hear some recurrent themes from our friends that live closest to the border.

Gary: It seems that we’re beginning to hear some recurrent themes from our friends that live closest to the border.

Kristy: I’m reflecting on that too. Remember the beautiful challenge our cousin Joe Nebhan put before us just before we left El Paso? I think he said it this way:

“There are commonly-held misconceptions about the border that are based solely upon fear, not on knowledge. I recommend to those uninitiated Americans who, for whatever reason they have not spent time here ...

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