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The Paperback Release of Agave Spirits is now available

The paperback release of Agave Spirits by WW Norton marks a year of critical praise not just for the Suro-Nabhan collaboration of four years in the making of this book, but for all who are conserving the life-giving interactions between century plants and bats.

We are no means alone in this work, and are grateful to every single person who have contributed to reducing “the extinction of ecological and cultural relationships associated with agaves. Never have we been so gratified by the comments we have heard from people in the beverage industry and beyond about how they have deeply informed by the discussions in the book.

The new cover design aims at making the book more accessible to readers from all walks of life, and a Spanish editions appears to be around the corner. With an affordable price of $17.99 from the publisher and as little as 14.50 to$17.50 by on-line discount distributors, please consider acquiring copies not only for yourselves, but for decision-makers in governments, conservation non-profits and the beverage industry so that the Mezcal Manifesto of positive actions in the back pages can bear fruit!   

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