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Most of you already honor many of the Principles Discussed in Laudate Deum by Pope Francis

By: Brother Coyote

“Postmodern culture has generated a new sensitivity towards the more vulnerable and less powerful. This is connected with my insistence in the Encyclical Letter Fratelli Tutti on the primacy of the human person and the defense of his or her dignisy beyond every circumstance. It is another way of encouraging multilateralism for the sake of resolving the real problems of humanity, securing before all else respect for the dignity of persons, in such a way that ethics will prevail over local or contingent interests.”

How many people do you know who restrict their interactions-by choice or by geographic, social or medical isolation—to only those individuals of their own culture? Most of us realize daily that we live and breathe in a multi-cultural world, where cross-ethnic exchanges, hybridity and insightful dialogue are everyday occurrences. How do we affirm to politicians and to the media that that is the way we wish to live, pray, sing, eat, dance, mourn and heal? What would a world of enforced isolation do to our spirits? 

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