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People are Losing their Jobs due to Different Effects of Climate Change

By: Brother Coyote

Pope Francis challenges us, Make Green Jobs, Not War: It is often heard also that efforts to mitigate climate change by reducing the use of fossil fuels and developing cleaner energy sources will lead to a reduction in the number of jobs. What is happening is that millions of people are losing their jobs due to different effects of climate change: rising sea levels, droughts and other phenomena affecting the planet have left many people adrift.

Conversely, the transition to renewable forms of energy, properly managed, as well as efforts to adapt to the damage caused by climate change, are capable of generating countless jobs in different sectors. This demands that politicians and business leaders should even now be concerning themselves with it.

Come all ye Composters, Fog Catchers, Heavy Metal Recyclers.

Agrivoltaic Solar Mamas, Carbon-Sequestering Roots Musicians,

Ugly Fruit Rescuers, Picklers, Fermenters, Electric Car Boys,

Long-Distance Cyclists, Crazy Quiltmakers from Scrap Fabric,

Daily Walkers, Runner and Somersaults, Stay-At-Home Dudes,

Food Bank Tellers, Soup Kitchen Ladlers, Wind Generators,

Water Harvesters, Slooooow Foooood Waiters, Tree Contemplatives,

Come Ye into the Kin-dom that will have no send if we work steadily

To turn the tides and Walk the Taco of Climate Change Reduction.    

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