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Everything is Connected and No One is Saved Alone

By: Brother Coyote

It is ironic that a pope must remind humankind of two ecological principles that are as fundamental to life as the laws of thermodynamics:

“ [I wish to note] that the Covid-19 pandemic brought out the close relation of human life with that of other living beings and with the natural environment. But in a special way, it confirmed that what happens in one part of the world has repercussions on the entire planet. This allows me to reiterate two convictions that I repeat over and over again: ‘Everything is connected’ and ‘No one is saved alone’.

If we save a condor’s genes but then put her out into a former mountain habitat

Without training to hunt by her mother, father or surrogate puppet, she dies.

If we save a rare Tibetan macaque in captivity without the gut microbes

Their ancestors had while free-ranging in the wild, they succumb to illness.

If the last Pele Lobelia flower in Hawaii had had access to its pollinator,

A now-extinct honey creeper, how much longer would this plant had survived

In healthy populations in the wild?  The endangerment of healthy interactions-

Not just a species or a culture in isolation is the key cause of biodiversity loss. 

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