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Let us Not Forget the Good Expressed by those Anti-war Israelis, Muslims and Christians

By: Brother Coyote

As we celebrate the good of a natural kind of darkness that comes with winter solstice, let us not forget the “good expressed” by those anti-war Israelis, Muslims and Christians who are working together toward a longer ceasefire, permanent peace and reconciliation in the Holy Lands.

They-not Taylor Swift –are the Persons of the Year for 2023. The 7-country war in the Holy Lands has now been called by the U.N. “the war against children” since 70% of the victims are children under 18 and their young mothers.

We must all do what the peace-minded dissidents are doing in Israel, Palestine and Lebanon: calmy, quietly, compassionately working together to remind the world at large that stereotypes on “the other” are being used as grounds for continuing violence by governments that are no longer in synch with the daily needs and wishes of their people.

Join with and support the peace groups of Muslims, Jews and Christians in our country and theirs who are calling for the war to stop cold and forever. And Peace, Gratitude and Prayers to any of you who have the time and energy-given your other important tasks — and compassion to lift this issue to be among your moral priorities.

Bless the peacemakers, all of you.

Love, Brother Coyote

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