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The Vernal Urge

By: Brother Coyote OEF
As vernal equinox nears, the heavens send us signals
That we are being called to spring into action and to help
All the lovely beings who have been slumbering to arise!

It is our duty to lend our voices to that sacred wakeup call
That harkens every organ, mouth and throat to announce
That now is the time we all need to awaken, to revive
The important work of germinating, sprouting forth,
Budding out, nesting, mating, laying eggs, breaking through
The cold dry surfaces to dance upon the surface of this Holy Earth.  

Don’t think for a moment it can happen without you.
You yourself are a bugle who can burst into song,
You too are required to act if we wish the earth to be renewed
You among many must take up that task of falling in love again
With the swirling, sensuous whirling dervish of a planet
We dance upon, delight in, and defend 
Not with the cold steel of guns but enlivened hearts

                                                                                              -Brother Coyote OEF

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