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Thank-you Carlos Quintero Herrera; working with you is a pleasure.

Celebrating 50 Years of Wonderful Co-Authors and Editors

Today I want to take time to thanks Carlos Quintero Herrera of the Southwest Center, who takes anything newsworthy that our scholars at the Center release, and pushes it out through social media, podcasts and a trillion other strategies.

He is not only a creative and effective communicator himself in both Spanish (Not Spanglish, he’s from Spain!), but he’s faster than a speeding bullet.

Only yesterday at 10 did I know that the Tucson Weekly featured an excerpt of Miriam Davidson’s new book The Beloved Border that is a profile of my collaborations with others to heal the border, but when I alerted him to it, he smiled and said. “You’re too late – I got it out to others hours ago.”

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