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A Fine Scholar with Deep Ethics: Kristy Nabhan Warren

Celebrating 50 Years of Wonderful Co-Authors and Editors

I wanna take a break from my usual format at the letter N and give you a shout out for my cousin Kristy Nabhan Warren.

Her long awaited book has just been released the from University of North Carolina Press, Meat Packing America about the lives of so many Mexican and Central American immigrants who bring us our daily meats.

When Kristy and I traveled a thousand miles together from Tucson to Big Bend blogging about border immigration issues and baby camps four years ago, she told me about her amazing interviews with the Spanish speaking men and women in the Midwestern kill plants and packing houses who are changing the face and ethics of America.

A fine scholar with deep ethics and sense of community Kristy is a gem. I hope you track down all of her great books.

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