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In 1970, While Working at Environmental Action HQ, I Began to Write for Publication

Celebrating 50 Years of Wonderful Co-Authors and Editors

In 1970, while working at Environmental Action HQ, I began to write for publication. I am still slowly writing, even though I have suffered 4 brain and eye injuries in recent years. But much of what some readers casually credit to me–in terms of ideas and imagery- has arisen out of dialogue and collaboration with old friends.

Whatever reviews and by lines attribute to me alone should really be attributed to the genius of the multi-cultural community of women and men in which I have had the good fortune to be immersed. For that reason, I want to spend the next few weeks expressing my deep gratitude to my collaborators–both coauthors and editors– who helped shape whatever landed on the page and in people’s hearts. None of us can do what we do alone, but we seldom take time to acknowledge all the other voices in Creation’s Choir that harmonize with our own.

So tonight, under the full moon, I’ll begin to run through many of those voices with last names from A to Z, pointing you to their many works. Each day, I’ll do a letter of last names, though I many not get entirely through the 200 or so individuals that I have written books, articles, op-eds and manifestos with. This is merely one means of saying thanks.

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