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Slipknots Unite

The parables of Jesus for farmers and fishers seem to me to be slip knots – you can’t immediately figure out how to untie a problem, but then after deep reflection, the answer appears plain as day, because your perception not the knot, has shifted.

The parables of Jesus are akin to Zen koans and sayings of the desert fathers and mothers. They cannot be understood by a dualistic mind, but working through them integrates all you know and value that can help you avert or escape a crisis.

The parables of Jesus make absolutely no sense to urban dwellers because they are geo-caches in a landscape that a city slicker has never explored.

The parables for farmers and fishers give you no easy answer, no quick fix, no silver bullet, but teach you; as only the words, gestures and facial expressions can do – to get out of your head and into your embodied imagination and the many layers of your landscape or seascape until you see something that has been before you all along.

For those of you who have ears, let them hear! There is something terribly funny that we all have to be told that now and then!

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