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Help others Value and Protect what they may have earlier Dismissed or Ignored.

If we assume the Sonoran Desert and it’s indigenous peoples are expendable, replicable or violable whenever a project like a border wall simply deems “they are in the way,” then our society has no reason to safeguard or restore their creator-given sovereignty.

What this project is about is remembering ourselves to our desert home, restorying it with fresh insights and restoring it to our hearts. Conservationists as well as human rights advocates, have a difficult time getting society to concern itself with and deeply value anyone or anything that its members have not experienced or engaged themselves with in a positive light.

The great conservationists and human rights advocates included in this anthology, Exequiel Escurra, Homero Aridjis, Alberto Burquez, Octaviana Trujillo, Larry Stevens, Curt Meine and Jack Loeffler, among other, have mastered the knack of helping others value then protect what they may have earlier dismissed or ignored!

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