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I like to think of [deserts] as gardens of cognition

Jack Loeffler, dear friend and confidante for the likes of Cactus Ed Abbey, Gary Snyder, Carlos Castenada, Rina Swentzell and Juan Estevan Arrellano, has this to say to us: “I like to think of [deserts] as gardens of cognition… Deserts have a lot of open space, and their inhabitant –floral, faunal, and otherwise–live in less crowded conditions [where they call out to one another]. Those of us ignominously known as ‘desert rats’ are lured to deserts just as pollinators are lured to blossoms, perchance that our consciousness may itself blossom to drop a seed here or there to possibly bloom into a mighty notions, or simply satisfy the deep urge to linger in life, to ruminate within the larger garden of cognition.”

Published by the University of Arizona Press fall 2020

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