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Arizona Public Media: Behind the Mask

Do you wear a mask in public? The pandemic has shifted our cultural perception of face covering, and throughout time, masks have had many different cultural meanings. Alisa Ivanitskaya asks some experts to discuss the symbolic role of masks, as objects that can connect with the spiritual world and as tools of self-exploration. The Arizona State Museum currently offers an Introduction to the James S. Griffith Collection of Mayo and Yoeme Pascola Masks online.

Author Gary Paul Nabhan is a Research Scientist with the University of Arizona’s Southwest Center, and an Ecumenical Franciscan brother. He talks about an aspect of religious freedom that is often overlooked, and asks that Americans take into account the desecration of sacred sites that are in the path of border wall construction.

And, remembering a writer who influenced a generation to think about feminism, racism & inequality, and encouraged them to stand up for truth and justice in the real world. Mark McLemore reflects on the legacy of comic book legend Denny O’Neil.





First Published on Arizona Public Radio

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