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What ways can you be part of volunteers to offer others help, in ways that enrich your life?

Quote of the day: My good friend Native American biologist Robin Wall Kimmerer offered this wisdom with regard to our current crisis: “When times are easy and there’s plenty to go around, individual species can go it alone. But when conditions are harsh and life is tenuous, it takes a team sworn to reciprocity to keep life going forward.”

Commentary:  Times are not easy for the poorest of the poor, the elderly, and many others in our midst. They are invisible to many, but should not be to us. What ways can you be part of teams of volunteers to offer them help in ways that enrich your life and perspective as well.

Suggestion Action #28: Where are the needy in relation to where you walk each morning or evening? Are they outside the reach of health care and other systems of support, like the lepers who lived under the trees along the Rivotorto, where he once cleansed the open wounds of lepers in a crooked little stream? Map or name the places within 5 miles of you where the homeless gather, and go there.


Gary Paul Nabhan aka Brother Coyote is a professed member of the Ecumenical Order of Franciscans, a graduate of the Living School, a conservation biologist, orchard-keeper and story-teller.


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