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Gary Nabhan asks for directions from a rivulet rushing downhill toward a larger stream

Gary: Excuse me, I’m lost, can you tell me which way…?

Rivulet: I can’t hear you, the water is roaring so loud, can you just…

Gary: Wait, don’t run away, I just need a little help…

Rivulet: Well, then just don’t stand there, jump in!

Gary: But what if it won’t take me to where I’m trying to reach?

Rivulet: Reach? Don’t just stand there! See, you’re going nowhere right now…

Gary: But I’m lost!

Rivulet: That’s because you’re not moving toward anything.

Gary: But what the way you are flowing is in the wrong direction?

Rivulet: Wrong direction?  You are fighting against the current. I’m flowing with it!  What other way is there? I’m getting some place!

Gary: DANG! I get it now… [SPLASH!]


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