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We need to resist the disease that has sickened our societies the last few years.

While the gridlock in Washington DC & elsewhere in America continues, people of diverse faiths and ideologies who live in the borderlands are coming together voluntarily, congenially and strategically to anchor themselves in collaborations toward common goals and to deal with underlying causes of societal unrest and environmental degradation.

I saw this in Bahia Kino Friday afternoon as Mexican, Comcac, and US youth came together for an open house/ teach-in about the need to care for the creatures, cultures and coastlines of the Sea of Cortez. I saw it again in the foothills of the Sierra Madre in Banamichi Sonora where Sonoran, Californian, and Arizonan musicians and folk dancers came together to express the affection, respect and elation for one another in events celebrating the cross border legacy of the binational Ronstadt family. And I heard it in the words of El Paso and Nogales mayors and police chiefs who declared no more razor and concertina wire on the wall between them and their colleagues just south of the border.

We need more of these gestures to build up antibodies to resist the disease of division and antipathy that has sickened our societies these last few years. Amigos sin Muros!

Gary Paul Nabhan



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