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What do we tell those security forces who are still working?

With 800,000 federal workers out of work, what do we tell those so-called “security forces” who are still working? Among the 800,000 are those who protect our food supply, health services, community safety and environment. While no less critical to our country they are being kept from doing their jobs by Trump’s government shutdown while the Border Patrol stays on to support the further militarization of our border. The Union of Border Patrol employees has opted to be pawns for Trump in declaring their support for the wall over concern for their fellow federal workers.

Even if you feel that both the Republicans and Democrats have blame for this gridlock and not Trump alone, the mere fact that Border Patrol union officials held a press event with Trump and are taking a political stance on his behalf suggests that they have either been either duped into being a weapon in his fight with Pelosi or that they care less about other federal employees. They know damned well that most of the drugs comes across the borders are through ports of entry, or in drones and ultralights, and not through the fence…a wall will not do anything to make their jobs easier.

If you go through a border checkpoint on your way to work as I do, simply tell the patrol personnel there that “We regret to tell you that your agency has completely lost our empathy and public support, by letting children die in its custody, by allowing agents to shoot through the fence and kill Mexican children, and by politically supporting the wall over ending the shutdown. If you personally do not condone these events, let your union leadership and your President know this.”

If tens of thousands of us repeat this message each and every day we see them, change will occur from the bottom up, because it is not going to come from the top.

Gary Paul Nabhan


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