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Walking Toward the Radical Center at the Border

US citizens have 20-30 days to organize to join and accompany Central American refugees for the last 100-150 miles of their journey to the border. A handful of Central Americans on that human rights pilgrimage have already sued Trump in US courts for his violations of US law.

What we need to organize are small groups of 5-7 friends in two cars who can go south of the border and help their group with car shuttles as they accompany Central Americans, providing them with food, water, medical support, and hope each group should focus on just one person or family and do all their support in a lawful manner.

Each group should help their Central American sister or brother in understanding their rights and risks, and help them legally apply for refugee status.

US troops — even if placed at the border— would be useless if each refugee is supported and surrounded by prayerful law abiding US citizens.

A Democratic Congress will likely be elected by that time, and “Trumos” games will be rejected by the courts. This is as important as the work done in Germany to get Jews to safety, to help Black Americans in the South get to the north and to Mexico, and to break the stranglehold that California grape growers had on Spanish speaking farm workers.

Plan your holiday breaks to be present and engaged in one of the most significant human rights efforts in American of this century.

Gary Paul Nabhan



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