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It Is Up to Us, As Plain-clothed Citizens – to Bring this Country Back into a State of Decency

Our President, Senate and judicial system have spoken, but they did so without deeply listening to many, if not most of you. So it is up to us – as plain-clothed citizens – to bring this country back into a state of decency, of true dialogue, of collaboration, and of restorative justice.

They obviously have the power by our Constitution to make certain decisions, but we should not cede to them the power to “right the ship” – that is our birthright. We must do it ourselves, through a panoply of small but moving daily gestures of peace, kindness and healing. (Gratefully, I feel your gracious gestures all around me, wherever I go, so I thank each and every one of you).

We must daily walk the middle path into the radical center because no bureaucracy walks in this way – it takes the “my way or the highway” dualistic approach of us versus them at every corner. Only our own modest but heart-felt actions can rise and multiply top heal the deep wounds in America’s hearts and heartlands.

-Gary Paul Nabhan


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