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Doing the Right Thing, with Sustainable Food! – MetroFarm Community

I ran across the following in Gary Nabhan’s new book: Food from the Radical Center.

“As a cub reporter for Environmental Action, I covered everything from the lead poisoning of children in Rust Belt factory towns to pesticide effects on bird and bees in Midwestern farmlands. At that time, I sincerely believed the issues of environmental health would unite Americans, transcending lines of race and class. We would be galvanized by our desire to see both the government and industry get on with doing “the right thing.”

“Now, I personally wasn’t exactly sure what the “right thing” would be.”

With that thought in mind, I propose that we all come to an agreement that “Doing the right thing is growing food that nourishes the body and heals the earth.”

All agreed? Good, so now we have to ask…






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