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The Upcoming Pilgrimage for Justice Across Borders for all Children

Stay tuned the next two weeks at my cousin, Dr. Kristy Nabhan-Warren of the University of Iowa joins me on the border to blog together about what is happening on the ground to help the many Central American & Mexican children caught between a rock & a hard place.

They have been sidelined and set back by divisive immigration policies & developmentally insensitive child care protocols which have separated infants from their mothers, brothers and sisters.

Here is an image at the DeConcini Gate in Nogales where 20-30 children & their mothers have been stranded each day trying to get through the backlog of requests for asylum.

Not pretty… except when you see that the fire has not yet been extinguished in the eyes of these brave little souls.

From July 18th on, Kristy & I will be offering you our reflections from the field each day.

Gary Nabhan



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