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Pilgrimage for Justice Across Borders for All Children – She’s on your case Mr. Sessions.

Don’t talk to me about your patriotism, Mr. Sessions,
When you won’t protect our country from the Russians,
From Koreans and from hate-mongers within our own country.

We’d rather see you express some patriotism,
a touch of compassion for those who need it the most.

After all, you’re an old post-reproductive man, Mr. Sessions,
& have nothing to lose by showing your feminine side (if any)
To demonstrate your full humanness.

No one will be disappointed if you hold an infant’s hand,
No one will think worse of you
if you free a child from a baby camp.

Callousness is a trait best expressed in our hands,
not in our hearts,
For calloused hands are the best indicator
of caring for the land.

The more you take your macho stance, the higher the chances
That la Virgen de Guadalupe will try to sneak up
And gently kick you in the ass (also known as POTUS).

Her millions of expressions already found with our borders
Are watching you, praying for a change of heart,
Hoping you will be man enough to show some motherly instinct.

-Gary Paul Nabhan


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