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We must all take an oath, to do no harm to others.

Our conversations and experiences the past few days have shown us the real harm that walls do to people and their communities. From concrete and steel to closed ports of entry, walls disrupt. They dehumanize. The lovely Boquillas del Carmen was almost destroyed when its port of entry was closed in 2002, and is making a comeback since its 2013 reopening. Borders/walls dehumanize people like Sandro, a U.S. citizen who has experienced verbal and physical at the hands of Border Patrol Agents when he crosses and recrosses the border to work.

The walls of the hidden and unmarked refugee detentions pen in children and adults alike in urban and rural places. Expansive agricultural indoor greenhouses limit human’s mobility and compromise their health. Border Patrol agents live in double wide trailers in gated communities, separate from the nearby border towns.

There are tangible as well as symbolic reasons why monarch butterflies have become symbolic for our Latino friends and neighbors. As our friend Enrique Madrid of Redford, Texas, challenged us to do: We must all take an oath, like the Hippocratic Oath, to do no harm to others. To use our knowledge to help and not hurt.”



Written by: Kristy Nabhan-Warren



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