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Keep your eyes open for this fall, only you can make a difference.

It seems that our jefe’s entire regime is crashing & falling apart faster than a 250 pound bag of chickenshit thrown off of a tower. But we must keep one eye on this fall & the other on the ones already damaged and marginalized by months of bad policies, from the babies without mothers in the tent camps of Tornillo and Yuma, to the farmers who have just been caught in the crossfire of tariff wars.

It is easy to feel hurt or outraged by what has been happening this last year and a half, but it’s also easy to forget the many others (who don’t even have access to Facebook & Twitter) who have been damaged far worse than we ourselves have.

That’s why my heart is out to all those incarcerated or marching today in Tornillo, Texas in temperatures of over one hundred — it’s all heating up, so we need to learn how to stay cool & TOGETHER.

Gary Paul Nabhan


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