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There is No Such Thing as the World’s Best Tomato!

Dear Jere Gettle and Friends at Baker Creek Seeds, Have you gone nuts or just gotten greedy? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE WORLD’S BEST TOMATO. There is simply an astonishing diversity of tomatoes, each of which tastes great in different climates, under different growing conditions used in different recipes.

Now quit trying to sell us silver bullet “superfoods” and get back to promoting diversity in all its forms and flavors, or you will end up like Bear Crap-Science trying to foist open the public superseeds of Technicolor tomatoes! Should we practice tomato eugenics and get rid of all the “inferior” ones?

As a Hopi elder once told me, with crop seeds “it’s not good to be too picky…”. There is NO SINGLE BEST VARIETY that deserves such an honor if grown in the heterogeneity of garden habitats all around this planet.


-Brother Coyote


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