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People are putting aside minor differences and Collaborating on many Social, Ethical, Political, Environmental and Economic Issues.

Going into the New Year, I am overwhelmed by the emerging evidence that many peoples in America are putting aside their minor (but not necessarily petty!) differences and collaborating as a unified front on so many social, ethical, political, environmental and economic issues.

As my friend Phil Caputo recently suggested to me, America has really been divided in a major way since the Viet Nam War/Civil Rights Summer era.

But the many recent catastrophes and policy setbacks that Americans have suffered have seemed to galvanize formerly-disparate parties and get people out of their bubbles enough for dialogue and collective action.

I am not saying the cultural wars are over. I am just suggesting that once it gets as bad and as divided as America has been the last few years, it brings many of us into deeper soul searching and grounded action to stand together rather alone.

-Brother Coyote



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