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We witnessed Alabama electing a candidate that can work with both parties; and I am grateful for their inspiration…

We witnessed Alabambinos bridging the divide last night by electing a centrist candidate a decent man who can work with both parties, and I am grateful for their inspiration. But this is not about feeling victorius, instead it should be humbling to all of us to see any state torn as much as Alabama has been. Same with the amber waves of grain: they are waving to two different winds of change. So who do each of us need to reach out to in order to shift the dynamic?

Here comes the participatory part of Bridging the Divide: tell me your story of having reached out to someone of another age cohort, gender, race, ethnicity, faith or poltical persuasion, and how you were inspired by her or him, and how you found common fertile ground. Bless you all, sisters and brothers!

-Brother Coyote




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