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Through habitat recovery and population reintroductions, many have joined to bring back animals!

Awakening to the goobling cries of the once rare Gould’s turkey in the twilight, I realized how grateful I am that so many wildlife biologists and land owners have joined together to bring back (through habitat recovery and population reintroductions) so many of the animals that I know have weekly if not daily contact with: turkeys, pronghorn antelope, Gila top-minnow, desert pupfish, Arizona bluestar….etc etc.

I have lived long enough to see condors above my head (thanks to folks like Robert Mesta, Amadeo Rea and Dennis Martinez), bison roaming widely, and wolves running across fields and up steep slopes (thanks to the likes of Pete Siminski, Mike Phillips, David Parsons and many more) has been one of the greatest joys of my long and wayward life.

Caring for Creation means patient efforts to put the living “pieces” of this wonderful puzzle back together as a whole.

-Brother Coyote



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