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Four Vows for Food Justice: An Earth Day Prayer

Although the many beings lost or wounded in our foodshed,
somehow seem nameless & numberless,
we vow to remember their names,
to hear their needs & to never forget their faces.

For the many children who are hungry daily,
while perfectly useable food is thrown away,
inundating landfills & making methane,
we vow to curb our consumption & end of our waste.

For the many immigrant farmworkers
who harvest the bounty with their sweat & blood.
but are seldom offered a place at the table at the end of the day,
we vow to bring them in to share in the feast.

For the many food service workers
paid less for their toil than those in any other profession,
we vow to lift them up, raising their wages,
supporting their causes & elevating their value among us all.

Just who deserves to be honored more than those who bring us our daily bread?

-Brother Coyote


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