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Agave Heritage Week: Greg Starr, Ana Valenzuela, David Yetman, Wendy Hodgson, and much more!

It would be hard to find a group of plants which offer such architectural grace and morphological symmetry as agaves do. That’s why Tucsonan Greg Starr’s book from Timber Press, Agaves: Living Sculptures for Landscapes and Containers, is one of the most-lovely horticultural classics ever published.

Greg has spent so much time with the many agave species at his Starr Nursery in the Tucson Mountain foothills that he knows their landscape utility inside and out. There’s a remarkable opportunity for agave lovers to hear Greg that is coming up soon.

After Ana Valenzuela’s mezcal lecture on May 3rd on the University of Arizona campus, Greg will join David Yetman, Wendy Hodgson, Andrew Salywon and Jose Luna Ruiz in a round table about the origins and future of mescals (agaves).

Join us to learn more about the beauty and utility of agaves during Agave Heritage Week in our UNESCO City of Gastronomy. We will release that day a new 24 page publication that I coauthored with my old friends Bill Steen and Wendy Hodgson on Mezcal as Food, Beverage and Heritage.

-Brother Coyote




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