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What exactly is the highest calling, that each of us can engage, to the current state of the world?

What exactly is the highest calling that each of us can engage in with respect to the current state of the world?

For me, it is to collaboratively engage in jump-starting the regenerative capacity of landscapes & communities to heal the wounds of the past & to foster an abundant future for all species and all peoples.

But to ensure that such regenerative capacity is indeed jump started, we also need to unleash the creative potential for innovation among each individual, class, culture & community with which we interact.

This cannot happen without greater equity & basic human rights being assured among all players. That’s why I felt so blessed to be present for dialogues among Larry Robertson of the (re)institute & permacultural protyper Joshua Cubista, Fred Bahnson of Wake Forest and Joanna Williams of the Kino Border Initiative, as well as many other local voices like Phil Ostrum & Laurie Monti today.

We cannot take care of nature without taking care of our neighbors, and vice-versa. There is no satisfactory “choice” but to do both in an integral & participatory manner.

-Brother Coyote

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