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We need to design our own behaviors and constructed places, as if nature’s many graces matter.

While visiting Biosphere 2 today to see the agrivoltaics pilot project that Greg Barron-Gafford & others have implemented on our seed grant, I felt the presence of Rafe Sagarin, the brilliant tide pool ecologist and national security science advisor who was killed while bicycling at B2 a couple years ago.

If Rafe were living through this particular moment in history, he would likely be concerned that we had not yet learned enough from the many animals & plants who have adapted many means of effective natural security that we could employ to finesse true national security threats by fending off the assaults & insults of predators, invaders & bioterrorists in a time-tried manner.

So, we now risk more confrontational politics and warfare –not to mention name-calling & fake news- instead of actually helping our own country & others become (truly) safer in the long run.

Now more than ever before, we need to deeply read Rafe’s book, Lessons from the Octopus, on strategies for counter-terrorism using ecological models, as well as Janine Benyus’s Biomimcry.

We need to design our own behaviors & constructed places, as if nature’s many graces matter.

There is a wealth of design options “OUT THERE” in nature that we have not yet employed to restore, heal, and safeguard what we care about in this world.

-Brother Coyote 




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