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The University of Arizona is and Shall Remain a Sanctuary Campus!

This spring, I put up a sign on the entry to our property declaring it “A PLANT AND PEOPLE SANCTUARY” 16 miles north of the Mexican border in our militarized zone.

Last night, I went to a training session offered by No More Deaths, Good Samaritans & People Helping People to better learn how to legally assist stranded, injured, sick or exhausted migrants who have lost their way and have inadvertently landed in our area.


Today, I signed a student petition handed to me by a Dreamer recommending / AFFIRMING that the University of Arizona is AND SHALL REMAIN A SANCTUARY CAMPUS.

Bottom line: Offering education to both domestic-and foreign-born students who desire training to better help their communities is not a crime, it is a legal civil initiative.

Last night, Carlota said it so simply, my heart leapt: “I don’t see these people, these individuals, as problems. I am focused on their immediate needs. I look into their eyes, and see their basic human needs.”

-Brother Coyote 





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