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It is remarkable that governments are now debating their ethical role in wasting carbon, that we once took for granted.

It is remarkable that entire governments are now debating their ethical role in sequestering or wasting carbon, a resource so common and expendable when many of us were growing up that we took it for granted.

We know now that we need to cultivate allies in sequestering carbon, and among those most prone to do the job are mycorrhizae and the three quarters of woody plants with roots that welcome the affinity with these fungal allies.

What are the implications for you and me?

  1. To admit that we are not in charge, that mycorrhizae (most of which we can’t even see) play a huge role in the health of this planet.
  1. To not only plant a tree (or other woody perennial) once a week the rest of our lives, but to ensure those already rooted are not disrupted.
  1. To inoculate mycorrhizae in with those tree plantings; and
  1. (THE HARDEST FOR ME) Get off the road and out of the air, and get better rooted ourselves!

-Brother Coyote



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