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A Franciscan Manifesto for Divesting Your Ego


  1. Divest yourself of any monetary or material possession that is there for the sake of your ego and identity.
  1. Do nothing that fosters greater social disparity; divest yourself of any real or perceived privileges.
  1. Wear no uniforms or logos that identify yourself with a class of “winners”.
  1. Recuse yourself from assuming or maintaining positions of power, authority or expertise.
  1. Get free of defining your true self through your accomplishments.
  1. Refrain as often as humanly possible to “show off” by drawing attention to your “gifts,” skills, or talents.
  1. Never take a first class seat or an elevator when there is open seating or stairways.
  1. Abandon any possessive or defensive position in conversations, conflicts or debates.
  1. Listen more than you talk, and be silent enough to listen to than other-than-human world.
  1. Laugh insanely at how often we are distracted by consuming things we’ve never ever needed.

-Brother Coyote





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