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This is the time in American history, when we must force the resignation of the POTUS.

Nine decades ago this month, in the Syrian World journal,  Reverend W.A. Mansour quoted George Gordon as saying, “American patriotism also means that you remember that the American nation is composed of immigrants. The only original American is the Indian [read Native American/First Nations member]. This historic fact should be forever borne in mind.”

So we now have a President without any sense of history, decency, racial and ethnic equality that is ignoring the rights of Native Americans (at Standing Rock & elsewhere) and immigrants of many nations (within and beyond our borders and ports of entry).

This is the moment in our country’s history where indigenous rights activists and immigrant rights activists, Democrats and Republicans, need to stand together to force the resignation of the most mean-spirited American president in history before he further hurts and defiles our relationships with the rest of humankind.

Boycott the businesses of his family and every one of his cabinet members, from Exxon to Carl’s Jr. Bring their flows of ungodly wealth down to a trickle. Use non-violent measures to block access to their doors and private runways.

Pray for sanity, sanctity and peace. Dylan Thomas might say “Do not go gently into Trump’s dark night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

-Brother Coyote 

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