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The Yaqui or Yoeme in Sonora Mexico need our Support in Stopping or at least rerouting a Natural Gas Pipeline.

One thing I am grateful for this year is how people of all cultures & livelihoods have stood with the Sioux and other First Nations at Standing Rock. But if you have not heard, the Yaqui or Yoeme in Sonora Mexico need our same support in stopping or at least rerouting a natural gas pipeline now intruding on their lands along the Sonoran Desert coast of the Sea of Cortes.

Under conditions and with perpetrators who are as yet unclear, one death and the torture of others have already occurred in the area of conflict, and the Mexican press is saying little about it.

The pipeline is planned to cut across/under a hyper saline estuary that is now drying up and creating a lot of land subsidence – too instable really for sound pipeline placement. It should be a site for biocultural restoration not for more devastation.

The Yaqui tribe in Arizona and American Indian Law Center at the University of Arizona are carefully monitoring the situation, so stay alert to future reports, because it is a transnational pipeline with transnational corporations involved, all of us need to be vigilant to ensure that sacred lands and persistent peoples are not put under further stress.

Unfortunately, there are literally hundreds of potential Standing Rocks emerging in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. Let’s not limit out human rights and environmental justice concerns solely to those within our political boundaries!

-Brother Coyote

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