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We are on a march together, trying to restore our dignity and decent treatment to all.

There is a lot of grieving going on in America right now, but there is also a lot of preparation for reaffirming the rights, dignity and invaluable contributions to our nation made by so many people of various colors, cultures, genders, faiths and varied abilities.

I for one am more grateful than ever for the extraordinary gifts, perspicacity and endurance of those who have been most marginalized during the darkest times in our nation. They seem to be the ones who lead us back to sanity after a terrible catastrophe or political swing has happened…like the African American church community of Charleston has done by showing its compassion, forgiveness and perseverance this last year.

We are not on a Death March, but we are indeed on a March together, holding hands, trying to restore our collective capacity to offer dignity and decent treatment to all. Of course, some individuals and families have never lost their dignity, despite all the assaults and indiscretions they have faced.

Let us remember the behaviors that allowed these people to hang in there during tough times and move us all forward by their examples.

We should all feel honored and humbled to be in their inspiring presence.

-Brother Coyote

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