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Red Rock Testimony conveys the spiritual, cultural, and values through essays of writers whose births span seven decades.

President Obama’s designation of 1.3 million acres of sacred Native American sites, contemplative sanctuaries in canyons and archeological treasures at the Bears Ears National Monument is the best thing to happen this December, and the kind of gesture that might make America grateful gain. It reminds us that we live in a blessed country of spirit-filled landscapes.

If you have not yet seen the little book Red Rock Testimony that many Native, Hispanic, African and Anglo American writers collaborated on early this year, you can look forward to the trade version of it coming out from Torrey House Press in early 2017.

My gratitude goes out particularly to my old friend Stephen Trimble and to Kirsten Allen for editing and designing the book, to Bruce Babbitt for helping get it into the hands of every congress man and woman, to Charles Wilkinson who did much of the hard negotiations behind the scenes, and to Native American friends like Simon Ortiz and Jim Enote, Shonto Begay and Luci Tapahanso for sharing their voices.

-Brother Coyote

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