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We Need to Value Indigenous Practitioners of Water, Land Stewardship, Sustainable Farming as Equal Partners

Gary-Paul-Nabhan-1-85x85Isn’t it time that the many funds of knowledge – INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE, WESTERN SCIENCE, EASTERN SCIENCE, ISLAMIC SACRED SCIENCE, and CITIZEN SCIENCE – recognize their synergies, in enriching our capacity to care for the natural world, the water, and food it brings to us?

To do so, we need to value indigenous practitioners of water, land stewardship, sustainable farming as equal partners; and ensure that they are provided equal access to financial & technical resources to carry on their stewardship practices & training of their youth.

That’s what today’s conference at the University of Arizona is all about, and that’s also why we need you all to email Kristine FireThunder of Arizona Governor Ducey’s office & request that Native American farmers & water keepers are put on the governing boards of the Arizona Departments of Agriculture, Health Services & Water Resources.

Listen to this interview with me from KJZZ:


Brother Coyote, OEF


Audio Reference: KJZZ


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