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We are here with the capacity to find hidden light of all people, to lift it up and make it visible once again.

Gary-Paul-Nabhan-1-85x85Alright friends & foes, loved ones & loners, dudes & dudettes, I know this sounds ambitious, but restoring our wounded world & the wounded relationships within it should be on all of our “to-do” lists this next year, every doggone day we get up out of bed.

Here’s what Rachel Naomi Remen once told Krista Tippett about this task:

“We are here because we are born with the capacity to find hidden light in all events & all people, to lift it up & make it visible once again & thereby restore the innate wholeness of the world. It’s a very important story for our times. This task is called ‘tikkun olam’ in Hebrew. It’s the restoration of the world. And to just wonder about that a little, what if we were exactly what’s needed [to do so]? What then? How would I live if I was exactly what’s needed to heal the world?”

Brother Coyote, OEF

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