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There’s a place for you here, here, here in this world!

Gary-Paul-Nabhan-1-85x85Perhaps the U.S. conservation movement began to stumble when it did not become as in inclusive as it should have been & because those within it were sometimes sensually & sensorily disconnected from what they were setting out to conserve.

We forgot that our species’ very name Homo sapiens comes from the Latin sapere, which not only implies to know or to be wise, but to taste as well.

That’s why we need what I’ve called “a conservation you can taste,” the title of a little book in progress about restoring America’s food producing capacity. As Krista Tippett reminds us, “Our crises of eating, bodies & food are driving us to revisit the gift of land, the complexity of ecosystem & the structure of our economy. At the center of all that… [is that] we’re relearning that taste can be a measure of moral good–the freshness of produce; the life & death of the animal, the vitality of the soil…we’re relearning the astonishing delight in growing what we eat…It’s a way into the intriguing connection in that Latin root of the word sapiens, between knowledge & wisdom & taste.”

TASTE & SEE: HERE IN THE OIKOS: THE EARTH HOUSEHOLD, THE LAND-BASED ECONOMY, OUR COMMON HOME: There’s a place for you here, here, here in this world.

Brother Coyote, OEF




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