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I’m inspired by what Clayton Missouri is doing with Panera/St Louis Bread Community Café that they care in a tangible way…

Gary-Paul-Nabhan-1-85x85If the poor & hungry are left out of any kind of community restoration effort, it is bound to fall short of ultimately healing our communities. That’s why I was inspired by what the community of Clayton Missouri is doing with its Panera/St Louis Bread Community Cafe to show they truly care in a tangible way.

Any poor person off the street can come in and get a meal token for an hour of work but there are exceptions even to that rule for those in truly dire straits so that they may be fed as well.

Customers of means can tithe extra when they get there soup salad or sandwich. All eat together at common tables. Day old breads and scones from all the other Panera outlets are sold at discounted prices but all visitors eat the same healthful quality of food no matter what.

There are three Panera Cares community cafes nationally… one more hopeful experiment to reduce the disparities plaguing our communities. One more expression of love, and hope in the midst of chaos.

Praise be to all who work there!

Brother Coyote, OEF

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