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Humans, I sense, have a restorative instinct that is part and parcel of our innate biophilia – our attraction to life.

Gary-Paul-Nabhan-1-85x85Humans, I sense, have a “restorative instinct” that is part and parcel of our innate biophilia–our attraction to life. The youngest of children want to take care of a hatchling fallen from a nest, a tree with a broken branch, a path eroded by a flood, or a garden plot left unplanted.

It is through these “ordinary” urges to heal the land and its creatures that “extraordinary” things happen to us: we regain connection to millions of years of life sustaining life on this earth. We are no longer alone, prone to let our little egos spar with the little egos of others.

Each time we make such a tiny, seemingly inconsequential gesture to favor life over degradation and neglect, something of great consequence emerges from within us, re-membering us into the ancient and perennially resilient family of life on this planet.

Bless all who take time out each day to do something for the earth and its inhabitants that no other human may notice.

Brother Coyote, OEF

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