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Daily Reflection: Paul Hawken once reminded us…

Gary-Paul-Nabhan-1-85x85Paul Hawken once reminded us that despite the fact that Americans are consuming more sustainably-produced products than ever before, we are still consuming more products of every kind than any society in human history!

We set aside more land as formal protected areas, while still degrading or denuding many times more land and ocean bottom for business as usual. Until our commitment to care for creation spills over from a few sustainable purchases and a few locked-up places to more frugally living and more actively restoring the wounded and “unprotected” places, we will still be living in psychic isolation.

In fact, we will be hanging on to an island where the rising of the ocean level will be eating at the shores until there is no more to defend or protect. That is why collaborative restoration of the productive, resilient capacity of both “natural” and “cultural” landscapes (from the inner city to the hinterlands” offers me such hope). It is the only way I can envision that will lead us to a more live-able future for all.

Brother Coyote, OEF

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