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Tucson, Arizona – An International Culinary Destination

The City of Gastronomy title is a part a UNESCO network of “Creative Cities” working together toward a common mission for cultural diversity and sustainable urban development. Joining the Creative Cities Network as a City of Gastronomy will highlight Tucson’s cultural assets on a global platform. It will also promote Tucson’s diverse cultural products in national and international markets by drawing attention to our vibrant community’s:


• numerous restaurants and chefs featuring indigenous ingredients used in traditional cooking;
• traditional food markets and traditional food industry; and
• tradition of hosting gastronomic festivals, awards, and contests.


Go to Heritage Foods to read the PDF
Go to Heritage Foods to read the PDF / Click Photo


By nominating Tucson and its surrounding foodshed as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy, we wish to celebrate this unique and world-renowned source of desert gastronomy in the Americas. Tucson and its surrounding foodshed have received recognition in the international media as a hotbed of contemporary innovations in desert farming, foraging, and creative food elaboration. By formalizing such recognition and cultural exchanges through the Creative Cities Network, we will galvanize the talents found in our resident cultures, chefs, farmers and ranchers, our institutions, non-profit organizations, and businesses to make Tucson the destination for Southwest Borderlands cuisine and culinary tourism.


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