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Did You Know?

  • Did you know that Gary’s essay from his Arab/American book is cover story of the July 2008 edition of the Journal of Arizona History? It includes two photos of Hadji Ali, the first Moslem Arab-American.
  • Did you know that Gary’s Wild Apples of Kazakhstan essay that was the cover story of the Spring 2008 Orion magazine is inspiring a film documentary in Kazakhstan?
  • Did you know that Gary’s botanical travels following explorer Nikolay Vavilov will be released as Where Our Food Comes from by Island Press in mid-September?
  • Did you know that the list of 1080 place-based heritage foods at risk complied by Gary and his RAFT colleagues is the first-ever redlist of food plants and animals unique to North America?
  • Did you know that there are two Gary Paul Nabhans, one born in Worster Massachusetts, another in Gary Indiana, less than two years apart?
  • Did you know that Gary’s books have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and French?
  • Did you know that Gary was awarded the Premio Gaia by the Sicilian government for his creative writing and conservation work?

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