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Lectures and Workshops

Gary’s Topics:

Lecture Titles (each campus can select one of the four)

  • Ethnobiology for the Future: Revitalizing the Links between Cultural and Biological Diversity
  • Conservation You Can Taste: The Role of Ethnobiologists in the Collaborative Conservation of Food Diversity
  • Integrating Indigenous Science, Academic Science and Citizen Science for All-Taxa Biodiversity Inventories in Threatened Landscapes
  • Tapping Into the Wisdom of the Desert: Sustainably Growing Food  in  the Face of Climate Change & Water Scarcity


Afternoon Workshops (or Readings) for Students (optional)

  • Next Steps in Relocalizing Your Food System: Lessons from Tucson, the First UNESCO City of Gastronomy in the U.S.
  • Community-Based Seed Saving, Seed Libraries, Seed Exchanges and You!
  • Recovering Endangered Pollinators through Food Chain Restoration
  • Sown By Hand—Poems about Seeds and Their Sowers


Prices for Out-of-state / In-state Lectures:

  • Out-of-state evening lecture and afternoon workshop: $4500 / plus travel and lodging
  • In-state evening lecture or workshops: $3000 / plus ground travel costs